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One of the best ways to minimize and sometimes even avoid a hangover is to take vitamin C before you go to sleep. 1000 milligrams is a pretty hefty dose. Some people take more. Alcohol produces chemicals in your blood stream that cause problems in the liver. Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant that can neutralize a significant percentage of the chemicals that cause these effects. Most other vitamins are not of much help.

Drinking fluid before you go to sleep can also help, e.g., a simple soft drink or, better yet, an electrolyte beverage such as a sport drink. Milk and other heavy fluids is questionable.

If you wake up with a hangover, the best thing is an electrolyte beverage. It's a good idea to stock up the shelf with some of the bottled sports drinks for a hangover day, or the powdered electrolyte beverage. In the absence of these, a sweet soft drink will go down easiest, followed by water. Milk is much more likely to come back up.

If you can keep fluids down, then it's good to have some tylenol in stock.

If you have difficulty keeping food down, then you must start with simple starches such as dry toast. At the other extreme, fats and proteins are hard to digest and are much more likely to come back up.

The main serious risk is dehydration. If you're feeling really bad, you will feel a lot better if you go to the hospital and get a bag or two of fluid intravenously.

Incidents Over Bad Judgement, or Robbery

Some ex-pats have gotten into trouble when intoxicated. Rarely, but sometimes, it's because a thief takes advantage of your intoxicated nature, especially if you're alone. Usually, it is just judgement related, such as not using a condom with a prostitute, bringing home an unaccountable prostitute who drugs you for a robbery of your home, getting into a brawl, saying regrettable things to others or in public, sending regrettable e-mails and faxes, etc. It helps to understand the effects of alcohol on humans, and set down some rules for yourself before you go drink.

Certain drugs can be very harmful or lethal when taken with alcohol.

Longterm Effects

Many ex-pats report that they drink more beer here in Thailand during their first year than in previous years combined in their home country. This can result in noticible changes in intellectual performance and personal health. These changes are noticed after they happen, and may take considerable time to reverse.

Chronic alcohol use weakens your immune system, which can make you more vulnerable to serious diseases.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous meets almost every day at the Holy Redeemer Church on Ruam Rudee soi 5, which is off Ploenchit and Wireless Road, near the Ploenchit skytrain station. For more info, call 02-256-6305.

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