Chamber of Commerce List


7th Floor, Kian Gwan House,
140 Witthayu (Wireless) Rd.

Tel: 251-9266-7

Fax: 255-2454


Unit 202, 20th Floor, Thai CC Bldg,
889 Sathorn Tai (South) Rd.

Tel: 210-0217

Fax: 210-0218


Floor 3, Shinawatra Bldg,
94 Sukhumvit soi 23

Tel: 258-4077

Fax: 258-4073


Suite 1810, Floor 18, BB Bldg,
54 Sukhumvit soi 21 (Asoke),

Tel: 260-7288-9

Fax: 260-7287


19/121 Sukhumvit Suite, Floor 13,
Sukhumvit soi 13

Tel: 651-2805

Fax: 651-2652

Delegation of the Commission
of the European Communities

Floor 2-19, Kian Gwan II House,
140/1 Wireless Rd.

Tel: 255-9100

Fax: 255-9100


10th Floor, Richmond Tower,
75/20 Sukhumvit soi 26

Tel: 261-8276-7

Fax: 261-8278


4th Floor, Kong Boonma Bldg,
699 Silom Rd.

Tel: 236-2396

Fax: 236-4711

Hong Kong Trade Association

c/o PRESKO, 20th Floor, TST Tower,
21 Vibhavadi-Rangsit Rd.

Tel: 229-3860

Fax: 229-3360


13 Soi Attakarn Prasit,
Sathorn Tai (South) Rd.

Tel: 287-3001-2

Fax: 287-3001


15th Floor, Amarin Tower,
500 Ploenchit Rd.

Tel: 256-9170-3

Fax: 256-9621


3rd Floor, Shinawatra Bldg,
94 Sukhumvit soi 23

Tel: 258-4077

Fax: 258-4073

New Zealand-Thai

522 Sukhumvit soi 65

Tel: 381-3041

Fax: 714-1676


19/121 Sukhumvit Suite, Floor 13,
Sukhumvit soi 13

Tel: 651-3888

Fax: 651-2652

Polish-Thai Business Club

c/o Nana PO Box 11-1142, 10500

Tel: 331-7699

Fax: 332-2571


18th Floor, BB Bldg, 54 Sukhumvit soi 21 (Asoke Rd.)

Tel: 260-8020-41

Fax: 260-8018

South African-Thai

189 Soi Klang (Soi 11 Phrom Si),
Sukhumvit soi 49

Tel: 260-0467

Fax: 260-0640

Swiss-Thai Business Associates

c/o Embassy of Switzerland,
35 Witthayu (Wireless) Rd.

Tel: 253-0156

Fax: 255-4481


19th Floor, CP Tower,
313 Silom Rd.

Tel: 231-0891-2

Fax: 231-0893


233 Sathorn Tai (South) Rd.

Tel: 211-2368

Fax: 212-3916


Apt 19/27 Ruen Rudee Condo,
Sukhumvit soi 1

Tel: 255-3251

Fax: 253-7910


14th Floor, Manorom Bldg,
3354/46-47 Rama IV Rd.

Tel: 249-8633

Fax: 249-8632


12th Floor, Vanit Bldg,
1126/1 New Petchburi Rd.

Tel: 253-9909

Fax: 253-9909


8th Floor, Kong Boonma Bldg,
699 Silom Rd.

Tel: 233-1322-3

Fax: 237-1956


19/121 Sukhumvit soi 13

Tel: 651-3945

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