The popular Thai rock group LoSo (Low Society) scheduled a mini-concert at the dinner pub/restaurant beside the Imperial Mall (aka Imperial World) on Lad Phrao near the Ram-Indra Expressway on March 7, 2000.

LoSo is great talent, a 3-man band. Best known for its lead songwriter, vocalist and lead guitar player, Sek.

This dinner pub is an old haunt of mine, from when I subsidized a girlfriend's enterprise in Imperial World, a shop with computer graphics services (in a trendy place on the ground floor, but now Imperial World has been bought up and most everyone moved out to make still another Big C). On ordinary evenings, we would dine here because they put Discovery Channel on the huge screen and had good food. Sometimes they'd switch to karaoke, or use a video camera to zoom in on someone in the place for fun, and the whole thing was Windows 98 driven.

This night, LoSo was playing there, and I found out only a few hours before when I happened to drive by.

It was a reservation-only special event but wasn't entirely sold out. Even more miraculously, there were two great seats which nobody else had booked, and the layout suggested a "herd mentality" selection of ground floor seats. Available were two seats in a great location at the second level, at the central curve, right in front of the stage, best view in the house except for the front row tables. It was a curved bar with round stools, perfect for singles or twosomes.

Actually, I bought two tickets, figuring that I'd find someone to come along. I called several farangs who I work with or otherwise know, but they all preferred to spend still another day in their usual Sukhumvit well-trodden grounds doing the same old things. My Thai friends were either too far away or already engaged in other things, given my late notice.

So I went alone.

Going alone turned out to be a lucky twist that added to the experience.

The official 10:00 start time was way too early. The waiter asked me about my other seat and I explained that I could not find anyone to come with me, and gave him the extra ticket and told him he could resell it and keep all the money as a tip, "good luck". He declined at first, then asked me if I'd like a lady to sit next to me.

Even though this was a mainstream place, not a place of prostitution, there are nonetheless a number of ladies who kind've float around these nighttime places, who the waiters know, and who are available to be lined up with men who request the presence of a woman. In a place like this, there aren't many of them, but they do exist, and they can probably be called out from nearby places with a quick call to a mobile phone. Many Asian and Thai guys like to pick up a girl quickly like that, but most farangs, myself included, don't go for such things. (Whether the ladies leave the premises with the man for requested sex, well, I'm sure a large percentage of them do.)

Thus, I wanted to make sure that he didn't presumptuously parade a line of crude young ladies-of-the-nite by an embarrassed me, almost the only farang here, and in view of most of the people in the place. I also imagined having one for the night -- some irritating young girl trying to entertain me ... and pushing me for money. I take my time when it comes to choosing someone to be with, and didn't need a lady by my side, indeed would rather not have one rather than have the usual kind of nighttime lady.

So I explained to him that I'm not a stereotypical farang and was not interested in "ladies working nighttime" or "ladies entertaining guests", and would prefer to enjoy the concert by myself.

He came back with an increasingly friendly demeanor, and tried chatting with me some more, obviously still checking me out in subtle and polite ways. Then he offered one of the shy-behavior waitresses he was doing eye communications with. I asked if she were part of his family or from his village, and he started telling me what a nice young lady she was. I cut him off, telling him that I really didn't want to get into any lady mess.

Some time later, he came with two ladies and left them at the one seat beside me, with no introduction or invasion of my space, though I opened up when he approached. Yes, one seat, two ladies. There was also a nearby chair squeezed into an unusuable corner, which looked like a spare set aside. He left without comment but with a brief polite gesture, and I sensed that the two ladies apparently had gotten a primer on me. Neither sat down in the one chair, but were somewhat assessing things themselves, though content in their location.

I was pretty much minding my own thinking while browsing their space peripherally. Then I made eye contact with the one dressed in office clothes. She was circumspect but checking me out from a personal distance. We entered into a charming conversation but the other one abruptly interrupted it, pulled the empty chair to a distance from me, assertively told the office lady to sit in that chair, and went to fetch the spare chair to sit next to me, clearly asserting herself over the other lady. OK, that's a statement, though the office lady (still standing, not sitting as told) and I had eye contact in a knowing way. Let's watch this girl unfold.

The assertive one was very white skinned and had western-like eyes with just a hint of Chinese, though the rest of her features made it clear she was of Chinese descent. Long, straight black hair and a hint of Asian in the cheekbones. Overall, exceptionally beautiful by Thai standards, superstar quality in looks, but personality too deviant and unsophisticated for the mainstream promoters. She was from Petchburi city (down towards Hua Hin). Spoke English exceptionally well, both grammar and vocabulary, and we came out alternating between the two languages with ease, but mostly English. Nickname Nong (younger).

The other was not nearly as pretty but much more sophisticated and self-determined. She worked at a property management company on Sukhumvit 24. Also spoke excellent English though she worked for a Thai company, not a farang multinational. She was from the deep south, Nakhon Si Thammarat. Nickname Maew (cat).

From here I should make a long story short.

The one from Petchburi had been the girlfriend of Sek (LoSo's lead singer and guitarist), but eventually he'd tired of her and passed her off to the bass player. He'd met her on Pattanakarn, though I didn't go into details there. That's a mixed area, to say the least.

The one from Nakhon Si Thammarat was the current girlfriend of Sek. LoSo meets HiSo.

As is legendary, Sek had maintained harmony between the two ladies.

We talked about a wide range of things in life. Notably, in one tangent of our conversation, one topic led to another and at one point I lightly asked Nong how many children, if any, Sek had from various girls, and she responded that she'd asked him and he'd gotten very angry and stonewalling, herself shifting into her most serious mode of the night. To not seem too judgemental, I joked in a resigned tone that I probably had more than I know of, and we returned back into a feeling realm of common ground.

At one point, the two ladies together offered to bring me in to party with the band afterwards, at their Town in Town residence (in Bangkapi near Ram Indra). However, I declined. I had work the next day, and it was already so late.

By 12:30 Sek and band still hadn't arrived yet. Then Maew's mobile rang. A little chit-chat, then she said they'd be starting in about 15 minutes. As it happened.

The drummer is powerful in the startup, and Sek is phenomenal on the guitar.

In the middle of the show, Sek got really sexual, as he started fingering his guitar like a clitorus and expressing in both body language and voice a lady's heightening stimulation, something that built up over a few minutes as a solo. These guys got balls, and Sek really roused many of the ladies in the audience, who screamed.

At the end, they introduced a farang, around his mid-40's, to play keyboards. Simon Anderson.

Near this time, Sek said something in Thai which I didn't catch, and the two ladies obediantly got up and said they must go now. Shortly after that, the show ended.

I went to a friend's condo to spend the nite, and there were a couple of Thai ladies there who read the Thai star gossip magazines regularly. One had been in a magazine. In passing, I asked them what's the latest gossip about about LoSo. I got back that the lead singer had a new girlfriend. She's from Nakhon Si Thammarat and...

If you think Internet web pages say a lot about peoples' personal lives, you should know that mine stop here for reasons of privacy. The above is noted because it already hit the gossip rags. For details, you'll have to keep up with the Thai gossip rags, which apparently know more than I do, but not everything, as even they have their limits on what they'll print, too.

You'll have to look to the future of cryonics for the answer to the rest.

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