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The purpose of ThailandGuru is to help foreigners in the practical matters of living and working in Thailand. While we know about leisure places, that's not our focus and we do not wish to "reinvent the wheel", i.e., be a copycat. There are better sources than ThailandGuru regarding leisure places -- books, magazines and other websites. Nonetheless, we started developing this leisure section to:

  • Guide expats to the best third-party website guides, books and magazines on leisure places
  • Link to leisure places themselves, which have their own website
  • Cover good leisure places and activities not covered elsewhere on the web nor in paper guides

Rather than reinvent the wheel, I spend my precious time in life doing and writing about things that others in the world haven't yet done, or yet done well. If the standard tour books and other websites have covered something in a quality or fairly thorough way, then we refer you to them.

For example, for historical and cultural places, I recommend the tour books and websites covered in the daytime leisure section.

Some single printed sources cover all the above sections in one place, i.e., daytime leisure, nighttime leisure and group activities. For Bangkok we recommend:

  • Metro Magazine, www.bkkmetro.com
  • The Nation newspaper, www.NationMultimedia.com
  • The Bangkok Post newspaper, www.BangkokPost.com
  • The Bangkok Recorder website, www.BangkokRecorder.com

    However, I would recommend against relying on any one source, as you may miss things of interest to you. Also, there are surprising errors, inaccuracies and inconsistencies in guides. (Experts are surprised what cheaper relative newbies are hired to write parts or even all of guides. I'm surprised how some writers don't double-check facts relayed to them, but just put them down and move on to the next task, despite their responsibility to so many followers.) For someone new to Thailand, I advise you to double-check any important information by phone calls or other sources.

    Thus, what we've done on ThailandGuru is try to list and organize all the good leisure guides and business websites, without much writing up of our own. There are occasional exceptions where there is a good leisure place or group that hasn't been written up anywhere else.

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