This deadly disease is prevalent in Thailand. Rabies is a virus spread by bites and scratches from an infected animal. The main threat is to children who are ignorant of the disease and don't report an incident to their parents. Any warm-blooded pets are required to be vaccinated. The vaccine is cheap and available from ordinary veterinarians. The pet should wear its tag. Annual boosters are recommended.

If you are bit by any animal, you should immediately wash the wound, and then go to the local hospital. In Bangkok, you should go to the Rabies Unit, Thai Red Cross Society, located on Rama 4 Rd. near Lumpini Park, at the Snake Farm. The telephone is 252-0161 extension 27. You should also take note of the animal that bit you so that there can be an attempt to confine and observe it.

Rabies shots are no longer painfully done in the stomach. They are more ordinary shots now.

If you see an animal that shows any signs that it may have rabies, report it to the Rabies Prevention and Control Section of the Bangkok Municipality at 245-3311 or else the other local authorities. The symptoms can vary. The best known are frothing at the mouth, and running around wildly, sometimes snapping at things in the air. Other symptoms are being weak and meek, sometimes with partial paralysis of the head, enlargement of neck or leg muscles, or difficulties in swallowing.

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