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The Lonely Planet Guide has a section on Thailand at www.lonelyplanet.com/destinations/south_east_asia/thailand/ but I must warn you that some of the information in the book is INACCURATE AND MISLEADING. (Same for their TV documentary, which had my wife shaking her head and laughing.) The website isn't very in-depth. Nonetheless, this is an OK website for tourists wanting a brief introduction to the country. The Lonely Planet Guide book is worth its cover price of $25 ($17.50 at Amazon.com)only if you have no other alternatives from where you are, but I recommend other books by smaller operations much more highly. Lonely Planet is too much into commercial sound-bites and I would guess that they hire cheaper professional writers who are not Thailand specialists but generalists skilled at articulating things in catchy ways who were sent to Thailand for research in a short time. They should have paid a veteran here to edit the book.

The best selections of books are at Bangkok bookstores. If there is much demand, I can write up a review on what I think are some of the best, and find out if they are available for Internet mail order.

Searching www.amazon.com for the keyword Thailand shows 397 books, though many are on cooking and other things. Sort them by customer reviews, and there are lots of 5-star reviews. (Note that the Lonely Planet Guide got only 3 1/2 stars, and as a Thailand expert I'd rank it lower than that! Without the "Lonely Planet" authoritative name brand, it probably would have been ranked even lower.)

Good photo collection at www.siamcollection.com though mostly in Thai. Choose the English version, presently at www.siamcollection.com/index1.html (If you want to see what it's like to read English with no spaces between words (like Thai script), That'sAnotherFeatureOfThisWebsite.)

"Welcome to Thailand" website with a vast array of information on Thailand, at http://www.mahidol.ac.th/Thailand/

For music, try this site: http://supersonghit.hypermart.net

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