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There are two sections in the Schools and Education section:

  1. Schools for foreign (non-Thai) children ages 1-18 (big table)

    We have organized information on international schools in Bangkok and Thailand which is intended for parents moving to Thailand (usually because of work), in two ways: 1. a table, and 2. a map. The table is conveniently organized by regions within of Bangkok and regions of Thailand. Table shortcuts include:

    The map is of schools in Bangkok, part of our Bangkok guide.

  2. Classes for Adults (Expats, Girlfriends)

    This section is mainly intended for:

    • Expats wanting to learn Thai
    • Expats wanting Thai wives/girlfriends to improve their English
    • Scuba diving, bird watching, yoga, etc.

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Harrow International School has two campuses:

The main campus is located on a new, 75-acre campus in northern Bangkok's Don Muang district, as pictured below, currently has 950 children aged 3 to 18 from 25 nationalities attending. Harrow International School offers the national curriculum of England and Wales, taught through the medium of English and leading to IGCSE, A/S and A2 examinations. In addition, pupils can also benefit from The Language Centre and the Tutorial College. The majority of teachers comes from the United Kingdom.

The Sukhumvit Campus, houses the Early Years Centre and is located in Ekamai Soi 4 (Sukhumvit 63). The centre consist of the kindergarten, Year 1 through 2, as pictured to the left. The centre also houses the International Arts Centre, with arts classes for students of all ages.

A wide range of extracurricular activities are carefully prepared and implemented for all students. The new Don Muang campus offers a full featured boarding complex with close supervision, an enriched "home away from home" for students who do not wish to commute daily.

For more information and an enrollment application, please see the Harrow International School website at

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