Continuing Education for Adults

I've seen classes for all kinds of things around Bangkok and Thailand, such as meditation, yoga, scuba diving (so many...), cooking, and so on.

There are several schools which teach Thai to foreigners. There are large chains such as AUA, but you may want to try some of the smaller ones which have more tight-knit longterm staff, a different philosophy, and more personalized service such as the Thai Language Hut on Sukhumvit soi 43 (not far from The Emporium) which is managed by an expat, or Thai Language House or "Baan Pasa Thai" at in Ploenchit Center on the corner of Sukhumvit soi 2. These schools offer both bulk classroom lessons and customized one-on-one courses for those wanting a flexible schedule or more personalized learning.

If you're thinking of sending your Thai girlfriend to learn English, then you'd better read Stickman's page on the different establishments. Stickman is a professional English teacher who has taught English in Thailand for years. With the help of a longrime expat professor, they wrote a review of the different English language establishments which is really eye-opening. It's somewhere on

Some expats take classes at universities with an English language curriculum, such as Assumption Business Administration College (ABAC) in Bangkapi, Ramkamhaeng University's international studies program (next to ABAC), Chulalongkorn University (the most famous in Thailand) near the central business district, and others. However, at ABAC, all classes are taught in English and all books are in English. There are many students from other countries in the region who attend ABAC. If you want a business degree, ABAC is a fairly good place, (yes, that's the correct URL). (I moved next to ABAC about 5 months after arriving in Thailand, and it was particularly nice because all the young Thai ladies spoke good English and had interesting books with them.)

There are driving schools for Thai ladies to learn how to drive. If there's demand for this, I can find it out.

A few other universities offer an international Master's program for foreigners. This is a fairly new development.

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