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Most good restaurants do not have their own website. Many that don't ... do have a page on one or more restaurant guide websites. In the latter, the depth varies, with most having little more than cuisine type (French, Italian, etc.), address and telephone number. Some restaurants are covered more in depth -- menus, prices, photos and/or history & ambiance.

Restaurant coverage is underdeveloped in Bangkok. There's room for improvement for an in-depth guide to restaurants in Bangkok, but I doubt that most restaurant owners are willing to pay for coverage of their restaurant, partly because they don't use or understand Internet. Therefore, I doubt if any of the guides will persevere to become an outstanding one-stop-shop in the near future.

"Restaurant guide" websites - many restaurants in one guide
Popular general directories - links to Yahoo, DMOZ -- Bangkok restaurant subsections
Restaurant websites - restaurants' own websites

Guide Websites sorts restaurants by cuisine and location (street or Bangkok subdistrict), and has ratings and short editorial reviews on many. No menus, usually no photos. Strength: number of restaurants listed, and organization. Systematic. Hope they develop it further. Similarly: sorts restaurants by cuisine and main street but has very little information on each restaurant, like a database just started. A small number are featured with photos and a short review, sometimes in English, sometimes in Thai, some menus, some photos. Lists URLs for some. Strength: number of restaurants listed, and organization. Systematic. Weakness: very few reviewed. But right beginning. (Ambit Solution Co., Ltd.)

A different approach is taken by guides which list only those restaurants who pay one way or another. Not nearly as many restaurants are listed, but those that are listed are presented well., the website for Bangkok Metro Magazine, has photos, menus and reviews of restaurants which place ads in their excellent magazine, all in a standard layout. Unfortunately, it's hard to find within their large website, and it was screwed up last time I checked (August 23, 2002). Skip straight over to Metro Mall at for the same kind of ads. Well worth checking into.

There are a few other "guides" in English, but they fall short in both ways relative to the above guides -- they list too few restaurants, and less detail. Thus, I see little point in listing them here. (There are also some restaurant guides listed in the following directories which are now dead links, apparently abandoned and shut down, but the directories haven't yet removed them.)


Web surfers usually find the restaurant guides (previous section) and restaurant websites (next section) from the following well-known general directories and from search engines. But it takes time and effort to sort thru all the junk to find much good information. That's what this web page is to help you with! But just for the record, if you want to sieve thru the raw links yourself, including the junk I deemed not worthy of putting onto ThailandGuru, here you go:

Yahoo's Thailand > Bangkok > Entertainment > Restaurants category has approximately 30 restaurants categorized by type. Most categories have just 1 or 2. Thai has 11. :)

DMOZ Category of Regional/Asia/Thailand/Business_and_Economy/Restaurants_and_Bars/ lists just 9 restaurants. (DMOZ is a Yahoo-like directory but free, indeed the premier "open directory", and what is forwarded by , , AOL and others.)

There are some other directories with a Bangkok restaurant category, but they are either in the Thai language, or else they just haven't developed the section beyond a few links (why do they bother at all?).

Restaurant Websites

Every restaurant I'm aware of which has a website of their own will be listed below someday. If I missed anyone, please tell me. (However, there are many restaurants that have no website of their own, but are mentioned or covered to some measure in one of the restaurant guide websites above, not below.)

My favorite Mexican restaurant in all of Thailand is Que Pasa near the International School of Bangkok in Pakkret, Nonthaburi (warning: this website plays music, so turn down your speakers before visiting).

Sort by cuisine or location, two different pages. ... coming soon!

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