Expat Concentrations

Of the expats who live and work in Bangkok, probably around half are in the central business district (CBD), namely at the beginning of Sukhumvit Rd. and in the Silom and Pathumwan-Lumpini areas, as shown on the map below, shaded in yellow, near the bottom. This region is mostly highrise office buildings, condominiums and apartments.

Expats are spread all around Bangkok, and those who prefer a house and quiet neighborhood will often take root well outside the Sukhumvit-Silom highrise areas. Housing estates near the expressways to the north ("near the airport") and the east usually have many expat residents. However, if you plan to commute into town, you should know which parts of the "expressway" are often jammed at what times, where the skytrain (and soon to be underground train) goes, and what other modes of transport are available (e.g., private and public expressway vans to a skytrain station).

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