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You wave down ANY commercial vehicle (bus, taxi, motorcycle) by having your palm DOWN. This is polite. Some other gestures are impolite, including palm up (contrary to Western ways). Though you'd be forgiven since you're a foreigner, nevertheless you might not get picked up otherwise.

(I wanted to get that across before going into other things, since I have seen many foreigners who don't know this, trying to hail a taxi.)

Public transportation has evolved at a very rapid rate since I first started this website more than 20 years ago, as have internet mapping apps, so that this section has been one of the most challenging to keep up to date.

Below is a general introduction to transportation in Thailand, which is generally still applicable nevertheless. However, I no longer try to go into depth about, for example, particular bus companies and lines of service. It is more of a general guide.

In the sections within, there is still some old information. Sometimes I've included it because it's still quite applicable, but sometimes I see something which I missed for deletion due to obsolescence.

Since I started this section, many other websites have started up which address transportation in Thailand. Some are current, but some others have obsolete information. It is recommended that you double check things, look for corroborating and current sources, and of course contact the transportation companies directly when you are planning a specific trip.

I drive myself most everywhere, especially after COVID, but in the past when I depended on public transportation, I typically just went to the bus station or on various legs, learning as I go, rather than spending too much time trying to make sense out of websites which might be obsolete and with means of contact which didn't respond.

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Transportation, Maps :
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