Royal Thai Police Clearance Certificate

Foreigners wanting to immigrate to other countries are sometimes required to provide a police clearance certificate from previous countries they have lived and/or worked in, to check for any criminal record, which in Thailand must come from the Royal Thai Police. Likewise, a police clearance certificate is sometimes required for employment applications. Occasionally, somebody will request a police clearance certificate just to have it handy for whenever it might be required in the future, so they don't create delays in whatever they are applying for, and can sometimes stay competitive (such as for a new job).

You can apply on your own with the Thai police for a clearance certificate, by either traveling to Thailand to apply in person, or by mailing all documents to them and waiting. However, we have helped foreigners by representing them in person face-to-face with the officers to speed up the process and keep you informed of the status of everything by personalized service, since our office is just a few minutes by taxi (or long walking distance during traffic) from the Police Clearance Service Center, which is located within the Royal Thai Police Headquarters in Pathumwan, Bangkok.

Our assistance includes representing you in face-to-face meetings with officials at the Police Clearance Service Center in order to expedite things and get answers to any questions, getting the forms and latest up-to-date requirements, helping you with the list of requirements, receiving your documents at our office (such as by FedEx), immediately going to the Police Clearance Service Center when we have received everything from you, being reachable on the phone and by email to provide feedback (not always easy with government offices on the other side of the planet...) in a personalized service manner, and when the certificate is available, immediately sending it to you by FedEx or DHL so it is registered and tracked and won't be lost in the ordinary postal mail.

We can normally get the Thai police clearance certificate within 7 working days of submitting a complete application, if you do not have a criminal record in Thailand.

We also help Thai people, not just foreigners, to get a Thai police clearance certificate.

Foreigners must provide:

  1. A photocopy of your passport
  2. Document(s) showing or stating that you worked or lived in Thailand
  3. If you ever had one, a photocopy of your old Thai Work Permit (if available)
  4. Two Photographs (1 inch by 2 inches)
  5. Three sets of fingerprint, which must be taken at a local police station or at the Thai Embassy or Consulate in your country together with the official seal and signature of the official taking the fingerprint.
Thai citizens must provide:
  1. A photocopy of current passport
  2. A photocopy of Thai ID card
  3. A photocopy of House Registration (Tabian Baan)
  4. In case of a name change at any time in your life, a photocopy of the name change certificate
  5. A photocopy of Military Service Document
  6. A photocopy of Marriage certificate(s) and/or Divorce certificate(s)
  7. Two photographs (1 inch by 2 inches)
  8. Three sets of fingerprint, which must be taken at a local police station or at the Thai Embassy or Consulate in your country together with the official seal and signature of the official taking the fingerprint.

If you apply on your own, then you must provide a self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage for mailing your certificate.

If you use us to help you, then we will provide a form you can use to authorize us to apply and get the Thai police clearance certificate on your behalf.

If you are interested in hiring us to help you get a Thai police clearance certificate, please click on the Contact Us link and tell us you are requesting more information on getting a Thai police clearance certificate.

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