Infrastructure, General Info

This section includes guidance for getting started with the basics.

For newcomers, it's firstly mobile phone and internet.

For expats who rent long term or who buy a property, it includes setting up billing for consumption of water, electricity, home based internet fiber connection, banking, and other services.

In addition, there are sections on government organizations of interest which you may be interfacing with from time to time, tax information, and well established and mainstream media sources.

General information such as Thailand's standards of measurement and time are in a section of their own below.

There is a special section on ownership of property in Thailand.

If you are handicapped, there is some information in another section below for you.

Telephone, Mobile Phone
Money, Banking
How & Where to Pay Bills
Postal, Courier (domestic and international)
Time, Holidays, Units
Sales tax
Government information
Travel visas, customs
Chambers of Commerce
Television, cable TV, satellite TV
Handicapped people
Owning property

    Other sections:

Income taxes
Setting up a company


 > Utilities, Govts, Money, Misc.

Additional, children pages of this current parent page:

Utilities, Govts, Money, Misc. :
  Internet, high speed
    WiFi and modems
  Mobile Phones, Landlines
    mobile phone SIM card registration
  Money, Banking
  Paying Bills
  Sales Tax, VAT
  Post Office, International Couriers
  Holidays, Units of Measurement
    Clearance Certificate
  Governmental Organizations
  Foreign Embassies and Consulates
  TV, Satellite and Cable
  Handicapped People, Help For

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