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The following is a list of Thai government web sites, in alphabetical order. Usually, they come up in the Thai language but have a button to click for English. Sometimes the English version isn't ready.

As for non-Thai government websites, there is the ThailandGuru section on foreign embassies and consulates in Thailand. Also, the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs website below has a section on foreign embassies and consulates in Thailand, as well as foreign NGO (non-governmental organization) and foreign government organizations in Thailand, in addition to Thai consulates and embassies overseas.

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives

  • Ministry of Commerce

  • Ministry of Education

  • Ministry of Finance

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Ministry of Industry

  • Ministry of Interior

  • Ministry of Justice

  • Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare

  • Ministry of Public Health

  • Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment

  • Ministry of Transport and Communications

  • Ministry of University Affairs

    If you find any government web sites that I've missed, then please drop a line to

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    Update: A really good source of Thai government websites is on the website of the National Energy Policy Office (NEPO) at whereby you first click on English version and then you'll see a section called "Thai Govt Links" within the main group of links at the top. I have yet to update my list of government links relative to theirs.

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