Bangkok MRTA Subway

The MRT subway opened in 2004 and has one line with 18 stations. (The BTS skytrain has two lines with 17 + 9 = 26 stations, plus there is the third Airport skytrain like with another 8 stations.) All of these rail lines interconnect. MRT is an acronym for Mass Rapid Transit.

The subway is used much less by expats than the skytrain because the subway serves mainly Thai neighborhoods, whereas the skytrain serves several expat areas and expat shopping districts.

The subway runs under Ratchadapisek Road (a kind of inner city ring road, a very old thoroughfare) for most of its length. On one end, it turns left at Lad Prao and ends shortly past Chatuchak Market. On the opposite end it turns west off Ratchadapisek to follow Rama 4 Road to end at the old Hua Lampong provincial train station.

The BTS skytrain and MRT subway intersect at exchange stations at Sukhumvit/Asok-Ratchadapisek, and at Chatuchak Market. The subway intersects the Suvarnabhumi Airport Rail Link (SARL) at the subway's Petchburi station.

Two advantages of the MRT subway over the BTS skytrain are that the underground stations are cool and the subway trains don't get so crowded during rush hour.

Several years ago, I wrote a longer article on the MRT subway but it was somehow lost, so I apologize for this short page. (I also did some consulting work for engineers during construction of the subway back around the turn of the century and got to see it being built as an insider.)

I have an entire website which covers the skytrain and subway, though the subway still isn't covered nearly as well as the skytrain: - ss = Subway Stations, Skytrain Stations

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