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There are some factors you should be aware of about homes in Thailand which may differ from homes in your native country. This is mostly in regard to houses, rather than condominiums and apartments, though there are issues which apply to both to various extents.

In Thailand, there are no central sewage treatment plants, as regards human waste. It is a system of decentralized septic tanks. Each and every house, no matter how modern the house and high class the neighborhood, has a septic tank underground where human waste goes, where it is broken down by special bacteria in the tank. This is why you should never use strong chemicals to try to unblock pipes, even though they are sometimes for sale in stores or by mail order. If you kill those bacteria in your tank, then you can turn a small problem into a major one.

Many homes do not have 3-prong electrical grounding/earthing but either have 2 prong outlets or else the 3 prong outlets either don't have the third prong connected to anything or else it's improperly connected (such as just connected to a cement wall). This can result in electrical shocks with some appliances. It is quick and easy to inspect and test these items. (The official building code has required electrical grounding since the early 1990s but it has not always been enforced.) There is an entire section below discussing this important topic.

Due to the heat in Thailand, thermal insulation is important in the ceilings of houses. It's obviously less important in flats if you are not on the top floor. It is my experience that the installation of insulation in older homes is nonexistent or weak. This can run up electricity bills very high. If you own a home, an investment in thermal insulation is well worth it. I have installed thermal insulation into old houses I have lived in.

Theft is not uncommon in Thailand but security cameras can deter a lot of theft, and help you catch culprits.

These topics are all covered here:

  • Electrical Grounding or Earthing

  • Air Conditioning and Insulation

  • Drain Blockage, Sewage, Septic

  • Security Alarms, Cameras

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      Security Alarms, Cameras
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