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A practical, English language guide for working and living well in Thailand, including:

The Guru Guide is a completely practical guide designed for expats (and some tourists). Actually, it is based partly on inputs from various gurus, such as many longer term expats highly active in Thailand business and social circles who I have been fortunate to know since my arrival here in 1994, authors of academic studies, and various others, but it is mostly based on my direct experiences, and often in disagreement with others (especially many vocal non-experts). As a scientist, analyst, and experienced world traveler, I am accustomed to relying on my own observations and maintaining my critical thinking skills, as I'm often in disagreement with what I hear parroted around in some circles, as well as some official synopses. Within all the diversity of life, perceptions, and sources, I value sources which try to be objective, considerate, complete, and truly expert. Direct observations and experiences are best. :-)

Update: Will Bangkok flood in 2021?

Kept from the past:

Great flood of Bangkok, Thailand, 2011 -- In case this ever happens again ... here is how I successfully protected the inside of my house immersed in a meter of standing flood water for weeks, in hopes of helping others plug all their vulnerabilities. The damages from the immense flood to other peoples' property was very sad. Valuable tips for the future, possibly.

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The Thailand Guru author, Mark Prado, was on BBC World talking about the property market in Bangkok with BBC Asia Bureau Chief Jonathan Head. Mark has worked on many property development projects in and around Bangkok since 1995, and now guides expats on the most appropriate places to live based on their needs, preferences, and wide range of budgets. You can browse thousands of expat quality properties in the greater Bangkok metro region, houses, condominiums, and apartments in Bangkok for rent and for sale on our property database website.

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Notably, we see a lot of inaccurate information on the internet, some of the inaccuracies repeated in many places to give the same wrong information. It is apparent that sometime, somewhere, some respected expat "authority" gave inaccurate information which was subsequently repeated by other people until it became a widely believed "urban legend" -- it seemed to be coming from multiple sources but maybe was just copied from the original "authority". Many things you read on the English language internet, you should verify from Thai authority sources. Some is outdated, too.

On our Thailand Guru website, you will sometimes need to excuse the lack of artwork, because we have been focusing on text content and research, which is more important. (Don't you wish more websites had better substance?)

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