is mainly intended to be a practical, English language guide for expats living and working in Thailand. It also includes various travel guidance, commentary, advice, and other extras, but the emphasis is on helping people get started and oriented. It is written by an American expat who has been living and working in Thailand since 1994 in a variety of locations and occupations.

As an internet pioneer, some text on this website goes back to the 1990s, but it has been revised and updated over the past 20+ years, up into 2024. This is not a website created for the purpose of selling advertisements nor for paid biased reviews. It has been mainly a hobby, but I do mention my own businesses in an overt and transparent way, in the appropriate sections, and hope that readers who find this website useful will consider also using my services. I'm also happy to just make new friends. Occasionally, I find good business associates. Also, comments are appreciated.

Some popular sections:

The Thailand Guru guide is a completely practical guide designed for expats (and some tourists). Actually, it based partly on inputs from various gurus, such as many long term expats highly active in Thailand business and social circles who I have been fortunate to know since my arrival here in 1994 and learned a lot from, authors of academic studies, and various others, but it is mostly based on my direct experiences.

My views are often in disagreement with others (especially many vocal non-experts). Bad perceptions of Thailand often come from people who spent most of their time in tourist hotspots or other peer groups, rather than in mainstream Thai society. I have spent the vast majority of my time here in suburban mainstream Thai society, and a lot of time upcountry.

It is also important to understand that bad news travels much further than good news in the mass media, especially in today's sensational "click bait" marketing competing for attention, advertising revenue, shares and likes. Further, many inaccurate stories, falsehoods, and misunderstandings get retold and forwarded repeatedly until they become an "urban legend" and accepted perception, like propaganda and spin.

This website does not try to engage a high volume of visitors, nor does it use selfish tactics. I don't want to mislead a lot of people just for greedy and selfish benefit. I try to be selfless in this Universe.

As a scientist, analyst, and experienced world traveler, I am accustomed to relying on my own observations, exercising my critical thinking skills, and maintaining an independent viewpoint. Within all the diversity of life, perceptions, and sources, I value sources which try to be objective, considerate, complete, and truly expert. Direct observations and experiences are best. I also very much welcome critiques and inputs, and have been appreciative of many comments, ranging from other gurus to just newcomers who tell me their own experiences and/or viewpoints on my writings here.

Finally, I apologize that some information on this website is outdated. Nonetheless, it still has a lot of information which is not outdated and won't become outdated. It has grown into a huge website, whereby it has not been feasible to keep everything up to date, especially because I am a writer of many websites. I update things, but when users send me comments to point out things, that can be very helpful. Some sections I'm not very interested in updating, such as about Thai girlfriends (which is very outdated), politics (other sources are better for that, and as a foreigner I try to stay out of Thai politics), and current trendy places and things to do (other sources are better). On the other hand, I am very willing to update more general information on Thailand, and things which are helpful for expats coming to Thailand to work and for their families.

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