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The suburbs are linked to the central business district by scenic elevated expressways about 20 meters (60 feet) above the ground. Out in the suburbs, traffic is much better, and you will find the usual shopping conveniences in most places. The only difference is that the population density of foreigners is much lower.

You can get a large house with a yard at a much lower price than near the city center, and a quiet, spacious neighborhood that the kids can ride a bike around in.

ThailandGuru / have split the suburbs into 5 regions as shown on the map at the bottom of this page, and discussed in detail on separate pages of their own:

  • Bang Na / Samut Prakarn / Sri Nakharin / Bang Plee - a southeastern suburb located along the East Ring Road south of the Suvarnabhumi airport, with a typical home-to-CBD commute of 30 minutes

  • Bangkapi & Minburi - a northeastern suburb located along the East Ring Road north of the Suvarnabhumi airport, with a typical home-to-CBD commute of 40 minutes

  • Nonthaburi - a north-northwestern suburb located along what I call the "Chaeng Wattana expressway" (another elevated one, officially called some long name which you rarely hear from anyone) because most of the neighborhoods in Nonthaburi with expats are located along Chaeng Wattana Rd. and this expressway has an interchange there which links those neighborhoods to the city, including Nichada Thani and Muang Thong Thani, among many others, with a typical home-to-CBD commute of 35 minutes

  • Rangsit - Pathum Thani - a large northern suburb, actually the adjacent province Pathum Thani, served by three expressways, of which the Rangsit area within this province is best known, with a typical home-to-CBD commute of 35-45 minutes

  • Ramindra Expressway off Rama 9, also known as "Ekamai Ramindra" because it starts slightly north of Ekamai - this is the innermost neighborhoods strip located along an elevated expressway going north, which links the expressway above Rama 9 Rd. to the Ramindra (aka Raminthra) artery road. (It's offically called Pradit-Manutham Rd., but I've never heard any expat call it that.) The typical home-to-CBD commute is 25 minutes, but only about 15 minutes from the fringes of the central expat neighborhoods and restaurants.

The commute times can be less or more, depending on time of day and location of office and home. I have routinely commuted in shorter times from all these locations.

These suburban areas, which are the suburbs with the most expats, are denoted as green in the map below. The expressways are in red, and the skytrain is in blue (as well as the river being blue). Click on any large green region for more information on that region (same links as above). has an easy list of Bangkok suburban houses, condos and apartments.

If you want a good guide or real estate agent, then please visit and click on their contact page, or else contact the Thailand Guru here.

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