Short Time Hotels

This page simply introduces you to short time hotels. In the foreigner regions, they are frequented mainly by men with prostitutes. Elsewhere, they are often frequented by Thais who live with their parents and wish to have some privacy, as well as married men with their "mia noi" lesser wives. Cost is typically 200-300 baht for 2 hours.

I must emphasize: Most hi-so Thai ladies would not go to a place like this, though some will (especially if drunk). If you can't or don't want to take them home, then it is much safer to try to bring them to a normal hotel or, if you can afford it, a fancy hotel or resort! The Thai word for this kind of hotel is "rongraem monroot" (= hotel draw-curtain).

Short time hotels are recognizable by their parking spots, though most people have no car. The curtain is pulled when the room is occupied. You can't even see a license plate, which is the idea -- privacy.

Most are really basic on the inside. Almost everyone says the one below, PB Hotel (formerly Playboy Hotel), is better than average by Sukhumvit standards. There are suburban ones which are much nicer, with theme rooms and all. Sukhumvit hotels are more geared for quickies with prostitutes, whereas suburban ones cater more to established Thai couples who want a nice place to spend some private time together.
Note the mirrors on the wall, and there's also one on the ceiling above the bed (not shown). What do you think the chair on the left is for?

An elevated TV is standard, and most places offer x-rated videos on one or two channels for free. In the old days, it was for an additional fee, and some may still do that. Some suburban ones have a CD player.

Alternatively, this place offered a radio tuner and indirect dim lights of different colors. Unfortunately, no jack to plug in a mic or line-in from your handheld player.

The bathroom usually includes a bath tub and western style toilet. This one had no door on the bathroom, unusual.

I've occasionally seen things like a government limo with police escorts enter one of these with a shy lady holding a jacket over herself.

I've sometimes stopped in alone at these kinds of places for a daytime nap after lunch or between engagements, as inner rooms have no windows, are pitch black and quiet. Most are air conditioned. If you're working late, you can sometimes stay overnite (until noontime) for around 400 baht depending upon time you enter. However, you are not given a key to exit and return. Go only when you're ready to shower and sleep. Some don't have good blankets, so I kept one in my trunk, along with pajamas. The air conditioners are sometimes stuck on ice cold. You'll need other amenities, too. They provide only a towel and usually soap and toilet paper.

Check out the room before deciding.

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